3 Steps to Take Before You Can Lose Weight

This is my first #TransformationTuesday post in maybe 5 years. It’s 7 weeks to the date that I started this journey, and have officially lost a total of 17 pounds.

I’m not writing this to toot my own horn BY ANY MEANS. After going back & forth about even posting at all, I decided to write this for all the girls who may feel like I did just 2 months ago.

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How You Know the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

Every day in Yoga Sculpt, before you start, the teacher asks you to set an intention.

This morning, I closed my eyes and said “letting  go.”

…of every person, every feeling, everything that’s not serving me anymore.

Then, the teacher sometimes chimes in and offers her personal intention with the class. Not a second later she says: Continue reading “How You Know the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something”

Signs you may be gluten intolerant

Let’s put it plain and simple…

Lately I’ve felt like straight dog shit. I haven’t slept a full night in months. I am fatigued beyond belief. My mood goes from high to low in the blink of an eye. Focus and mental clarity is nonexistent. Itchy is an understatement when it comes to my skin. Despite consistent efforts to lose weight, my body rejects it. And my anxiety (that I always have in some shape or form) is at an all-time high. Continue reading “Signs you may be gluten intolerant”

Monday Motivation

Happy MONDAY ya’ll! I wanted to share a GREAT reminder from my devotional today 🙏🏼✌🏼

Sometimes we wonder why we are the way we are. Sometimes we beat ourselves up for letting us get to this point. Sometimes we don’t understand why our efforts aren’t creating greater change in the timeframe we want them to. Sometimes life happens to us and we blame ourselves. Sometimes we get so frustrated, down, stressed & depressed because of these feelings that we feel like we can’t fight or reverse the self-depricating roller coaster we’ve put ourselves on.

Am I right or am I right? I know how it feels, too.

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Confusion Sucks

Words by the beautiful Kylie McBeath of Being Is Beautiful. Too good not to share with you lovelies…

“Confusion really sucks. And I could really try and paint it up by saying behind every confused moment lives a new level of clarity – but that doesn’t take away the shitty feelings that come with feeling confused, disconnected, powerless, hopeless, stuck, scared, anxious, depressed…you name it – straight up sucks.

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Friday Inspiration

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

The past is there for a reason. It has strengthened, grown and molded you into who you are today. Whether it’s a painful or pretty past, it served a purpose.

Instead of fighting what was (or is), choose to trust that you’re exactly who and where you are supposed to be. If you’re not in the body you want, if you haven’t met Mr. Right, if you don’t have the dream job you thought you’d have, it’s OK. 

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